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Air Force COOL is a pathway for enlisted Airmen to earn industry recognized professional certifications and licenses to enhance their active-duty work, and to prepare them as they eventually transition to the civilian job market.
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Credentialing requirements information on AF COOL includes information specific to enlisted AFSCs. Individuals seeking credentialing information for civilian occupations can use the following U.S. Department of Labor Web site.

AF COOL contains a variety of information about credentialing and licensing. AF COOL can be used to:

  • Get background information about civilian licensure and certification in general and specific information on individual credentials including eligibility requirements and resources to prepare for an exam.
  • Identify licenses and certifications relevant to Air Force Specialties
  • Learn how to fill gaps between Air Force training and experience and civilian credentialing requirements.
  • Learn about resources available to Airmen members that can help them gain civilian job credentials.

AF COOL also has a “Search Credentials” section that allows Airmen to look at all credentials for all enlisted AFSCs. While Airmen can only receive tuition assistance on approved credentials, Airmen can view other occupations they may have an interest in for future planning.

Search results will include the certifications and licenses related to those AFSCS and other information such as related civilian occupations. Airmen can also search by civilian career area, credential name, and credentialing agency name.

The AF COOL is a Total Force Enlisted program.  It includes all enlisted AFSCs for RegAF, AFRES, ANG, and USSF. Funding will be provided for RegAF, USSF, AFRES, and ANG members on Title 10 or Title 32 (502F) active duty orders.  Funding will not exceed a maximum of $4,500 per lifetime per Air and Space professional.

Enlisted RegAF, USSF, AFRES, and ANG component members participating in the Air Force COOL program must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Possess a 5-skill level in their Primary Air Force Specialty Code
  • Do not have an UIF, are not on a Control Roster, and are current on their most recent Fitness test at the time of application
  • Have a profile in AFVEC with an approved credentialing goal
  • Must obtain supervisor approval and complete the entire credential while on active duty status

Although the AF COOL program has expanded to allow Air and Space professionals to obtain unlimited credentials and licenses with their $4,500 cap, eligible members may attain only one credential at a time per category, i.e., Primary AFSC/Leadership, at AF expense. The AF will pay for the exam(s), books (NTE $500), admin/application fees, and recertification fees necessary for that one credential. 

Once the credentialing goal has been approved by the supervisor and supporting documentation uploaded into the educational goal (itemized price quote, vendor approval template, application, etc.), the member must create a separate funding request for each item – exams and/or books – and ensure the request matches the provided price quote.

For additional credentialing details:  CCAF.DEAO.AFCOOL@US.AF.MIL


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