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This class prepares students for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. Kubernetes is a Cloud Orchestration Platform providing reliability, replication, and stability while maximizing resource utilization for applications and services.

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Certified Kubernetes Administrator

By the conclusion of this hands-on, vendor agnostic training you will go back to work with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to design, implement, and maintain a production-grade Kubernetes cluster. We prioritize covering all objectives and concepts necessary for passing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. You will be provided the components necessary to assemble your own high availability Kubernetes environment and configure, nexpand, and control it to meet the demands made of cluster administrators. Your week of intensive, hands-on training will conclude with a mock CKA exam that simulates the real exam

Network+ Training

What You’ll Learn:

  • Cluster architecture, installation, and configuration
  • Rolling out and rolling back applications in production
  • Scaling clusters and applications to best use
  • How to create robust, self healing deployments
  • Networking configuration on cluster nodes, services, and CoreDNS
  • Persistent and intelligent storage for applications
  • Troubleshooting cluster, application, and user errors
  • Vendor-agnostic cloud provider-based Kubernetes
    Network+ Training

    Course Outline

    Cluster Architecture

    • Kubernetes Architecture
    • Pods and the Control Plane


    • Kubeadm Prerequisites
    • Kubeadm Prerequisites
    • Configure Network Plugin Requirements
    • Configure Network Plugin Requirements
    • Kubeadm Basic Cluster
    • Installing Kubeadm
    • Join Node to Cluster
    • Join Node to Cluster

     Cluster Administration

    • ETCD Snapshot and Restore
    • ETCD Snapshot and Restore
    • Kubeadm Cluster Upgrade
    • Kubeadm cluster upgrade
    • Purge Kubeadm
    • Purge Kubeadm
    • k8s with Ansible
    • Deploy Kubernetes using Ansible


    • Container Essentials
    • Creating a Docker Image


    • Kubectl get and sorting
    • kubectl get
    • kubectl describe

     Pod Basics

    • Namespaces
    • Namespaces
    • YAML
    • Manifests
    • Basic Pods
    • API Versioning and Deprecations

     Resource Management

    • Kubectl Top and Application Monitoring
    • Limits, Requests, and Namespace ResourceQuotas
    • Resource Requests and Limits
    • Namespace Resource Quota

     User Administration

    • Contexts
    • Contexts
    • Authentication and Authorization
    • Role Based Access Control
    • Role Based Access Control
    • RBAC Distributing Access

     Advanced Pod Design

    • Multi-Container Pods
    • Multi-Container Pod Design Patterns
    • Init Containers
    • Understand the Init Container Multi-Container Pod Design Pattern
    • Readiness and Liveness Probes
    • Implement Probes and Health Checks
    • ConfigMaps and Volume Mounting
    • Persistent Configuration with ConfigMaps
    • Secrets
    • Create and Consume Secrets
    • Taints, Tolerations, and Pod Affinity
    • Tainted Nodes and Tolerations

     Logging and Troubleshooting

    • Logging with kubectl log
    • Advanced Logging Techniques
    • Cluster, Node, and Container Logging
    • Ephemeral Storage for Fluentd Logging Sidecar


    • Deployments – Purpose and Advantages
    • Writing a Deployment Manifest
    • Deployments – Version Control
    • Performing Rolling Updates and Rollbacks with Deployments
    • Deployments – Horizontal Scaling
    • Horizontal Scaling with kubectl scale
    • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling

     Persistent Storage

    • Persistent Volumes, Claims, and StorageClasses
    • PVC, PV, and StorageClass config
    • Persistent Storage with NFS

     Services & Networking

    • Services – LoadBalancer, NodePort, and ClusterIP
    • Host Networking
    • Access to applications via services
    • Networking Plugins
    • Ingress Controllers
    • Ingress Controllers Expose a Service


    • Hostnames and FQDNs
    • Hostnames and FQDNs
    • CoreDNS
    • Install CoreDNS
    • Configure CoreDNS
    • Configure CoreDNS
    • Revert CoreDNS to KubeDNS
    Network+ Training


    This course is intended for students who have the basic knowledge of the core components of Kubernetes, such as Pods and Deployments.
    It is suggested that students take the Kubernetes Bootcamp course prior to taking the Certified Kubernetes Administrator course. However, instructors will always strive to assure every student gains a very thorough understanding of the material covered, regardless of the students’ prior experience.

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