GIAC Security Essentials

GIAC Security Essentials holders demonstrate an understanding of information security that goes beyond “simple” terminology and concepts.

GIAC Security Essentials
GIAC Security Essentials

Lesson 1: Security Controls

Introduction and course overview 

Understanding security controls

  • Common attack methods
  • Advanced persistent threats
  • Basic defensive strategies
  • Critical security controls
  • Access control
  • Authentication and password management
  • Implementing defense in depth
  • Active defense methods and techniques
    GIAC Security Essentials

    Lesson 2: Risk management and Cryptography

    Risk Management

    • Cybersecurity risk terminology
    • Threat assessment process
    • Vulnerability management
    • Penetration testing techniques
    • Purpose and components of security policy
    • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
    • Handling cyber incidents
    • Logging, monitoring and SIEM


    • Cryptographic concepts and terminology
    • Cryptographic algorithms
    • Hash functions
    • Applying cryptography
    GIAC Security Essentials

    Lesson 3: Network Security and Virtualization

    Network Security

    • Networking fundamentals
    • Protocols and protocol stacks
    • Securing network devices
    • Network security devices
    • Endpoint security devices
    • Intrusion-resistant network architecture
    • Securing wireless networks

    Virtualization, cloud and web security

    • Virtualization fundamentals
    • Virtualization risks
    • Securing cloud services
    • Common web application vulnerabilities
    • Secure web communications
    IT and Cybersecurity

    Lesson 4: Windows and Linux security

    Securing Windows

    • Windows OS security features overview
    • Applying permissions and privileges
    • Group policy
    • Security templates
    • Network services security
    • Managing service packs and hotfixes
    • Backups and restoration
    • Auditing Windows hosts

    Securing Linux

    • Linux security features overview
    • Access control on Linux systems
    • Hardening Linux
    • Logging and monitoring

    Lesson 5: Exam review

    • GSEC exam review
    GIAC Security Essentials

    Course Overview

    Our GSEC course focuses on preparing you for the GSEC exam through extensive mentoring and drill sessions, review of the entire body of knowledge, and practical question and answer scenarios, all through a seminar approach. GSEC holders demonstrate an understanding of information security that goes beyond “simple” terminology and concepts.

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    GIAC Security Essentials

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