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Online Live Learning Quickly Becomes the Preferred Training Method in the Face of COVID-19 Online Live Learning Quickly Becomes the Preferred Training Method in the Face of COVID-19

Online Live IT and Cybersecurity Training Classes

There are growing concerns about how health and travel restrictions are affecting corporate, military and individual training endeavors. Organizations are working to find alternatives to their prior scheduled in person classroom training initiatives. Online Live learning has quickly become the preferred training method in the face of COVID-19. Applied Technology Academy has delivered award winning Online Live courses for over a decade and are ready to serve you.

What exactly is “Online Live” training? Quite simply, it is an instructor led class where the students interact, collaborate and are taught their course via a robust videoconferencing platform. You can speak to the instructor and other students, see them via your video camera, chat privately or collectively, whiteboard, enter a breakout room to work privately with an instructor and even share your screen/work with others!

Many adult learners, such as myself in my early 50’s, are reticent to jump online to learn, or have had less than profitable results with prior online learning experiences. Take a moment to let us quell your concerns with highlights of how we deliver the best in online live learning below:

Key Differentiators with our Online Live Classes:

  • We are happy to offer a free “Course Showcase” recording for you to experience what an Online Live class experience is like. Understand, this is a recording of a prior class, but it allows you a peek at how the instructor delivers the material and interacts with the students.
  • All of our instructors have many years of experience teaching with our collaborative videoconferencing platform.
  • We do not use “On Demand” aka recorded classes for our Online Live courses. Instead, you are working with, collaborating and interacting with our award winning instructors that will engage you and magnify your learning outcomes! However, we do provide you a recording of your Online Live class after you complete class for you to use privately on your own time for review purposes.
  • All of our Online Live students will be welcome to sit in an in-person class in the future to refresh their skills for up to 1 year for free.
  • We provide state of the art digital resources from the most reputable partners in the training industry such as digital courseware and online labs.
  • We provide post class support and outside Q&A with your instructors to enhance your online learning experience.

We would love to assist you in developing an effective ongoing training approach for today’s environment. Please reach out to our team at (800) 674-3550 or info@appliedtechac.com. We’d love to chat with you!

Applied Technology Academy delivers exceptional instructor-led, self paced and hybrid education that goes beyond simple classroom exam preparation and prepares students for practical application in their careers.

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