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Scrum Developer Certified (SDC™) professionals will be able to recognize, define, and work with the concepts, advantages, and challenges of the Scrum Framework. They will be prepared to work in a Scrum Team in their organizations and create deliverables as per the Scrum Framework. Furthermore, delegates will develop an understanding of the other roles in Scrum. Students will participate in role-plays, during which they carry out a Scrum project, and will gain knowledge pertaining to, and the ability to anticipate issues related to the practical implementation of Scrum.

SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

Scrum Developer Certified (SDC)

Students will be armed with the proper tools to address, resolve, and take the lead on Scrum issues related to creation of deliverables. Participants will be provided access to an online exam. After passing the exam, each delegate’s certificate will be mailed to him or her.

SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

Target Audience

This certification is appropriate for anyone who is interested in working as a Scrum Team Member, Participant, or Stakeholder.  Scrum Developer is an important role in any Scrum team and need not be a technology expert to be effective. Moreover, although Scrum is popular in the IT industry, it can be used effectively across different industries. The SBOK Guide, on which the SDC course is based on, can be used as an effective guide for implementation. Prerequisites: There is no formal prerequisite for this certification.

SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Agile Overview
  • Scrum Overview
SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

Chapter 2: Principles

  • The Six Scrum Principles
    SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

    Chapter 3: Organization

    • Core Roles and Non-core Roles

    Chapter 4: Business Justification

    • Value-driven Delivery
    • Factors used to Determine Business Justification
    • Confirm Benefits Realization
    SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

    Chapter 5: Quality

    • Quality Defined
    • Quality, Scope and Business Value
    • Quality Management in Scrum

    Chapter 6: Change

    • Unapproved and Approved Changes
    • Change in Scrum
    SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

    Chapter 7: Risk

    • Risks and Issues
    • Risk Management Procedure
      SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

      Chapter 9: Initiate

      • Create Project Vision Process
      • Identify Scrum Master and Stakeholders Process
      • Form Scrum Team and Develop Epics processes
      • Create Prioritized Product Backlog and Conduct Release Planning Processes
        SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

        Chapter 10: Plan and Estimate

        • Create User Stories Process
        • Estimate User Stories and Commit User Stories Processes
        • Identify Tasks and Estimate Tasks Processes
        • Create Sprint Backlog Process
          SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

          Chapter 11: Implement

          • Create Deliverables and Conduct Daily Stand-up processes
          • Groom Prioritized Product Backlog Process
            SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

            Chapter 12: Review and Retrospect

            • Demonstrate and Validate Sprint Process
            • Retrospect Sprint Process
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              Scrum is a rapidly growing profession and an increasingly demanded area of expertise. It is expected that over 1.57 million Scrum jobs will be created through 2021, creating strong demand for certified practitioners. 

              SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified - SMC™

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