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Ethical Hacking is Not as Sexy as It Seems

Ethical Hacking

As the winner of the 2017 EC-Council Academia Circle of Excellence Award, we have a significant amount of cyber security training under our belt.  The threats are real, and we are training to meet the need for corporate and military protection here in the United States.  Ethical hacking goes beyond technical skills and you will find our instructors challenging students in the classroom to address the issues identified here in Jay’s video.

Jay Bavisi, the President of EC-Council, in this video explains how the EC-Council team educates professionals on ethical hacking. He says that the main issue we need to focus on to keep America protected, is educating our college students on what the “bad guys” already know. And how secure is Trump’s White House? Bavisi says the Russian campaign meddling was a deep-rooted issue from years ago. Plus, the rise of hiring chief security information officers. How your company can protect itself from hackers.

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